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Water Never Tasted so Fresh

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Introducing Elkay's ezH20 Liv, the first in-wall filtered water dispenser for your home. Liv's sleek design fits in seamlessly with any space, adding stylish convenience to daily routine.

Have you ever wondered how many water bottles you go through in a day? Not many of us have really thought about it. Those of you who are more forward thinkers probably already have. You already know that the average American uses 167 bottles a year, recycling only 38 of those which is why you, being a smart consumer, try to only use refillable bottles. Whenever you're out and about, you use available bottle filling stations. There's a problem with that though, there's not nearly enough bottle fillers out there. On top of that, most of these stations a big, bulky, and, to be frank, less than appealing. to put in an office environment or your home. With that in mind, the geniuses' at Elkay have put together one of the most Elegant drinking water solutions currently available, LivPro

Convenience Beyond the Kitchen

Keep your day moving with a hands-free water dispenser that delivers fresh, filtered water for all the living that happens in your home. Elkay’s ezH2O Liv is the first built-in filtered water dispenser designed for the home! It’s a convenient addition to any room, from your entertaining space to the master suite, and even the kitchen.

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